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Redshift Radio Episode 10 - John Korsrud

Redshift Radio Episode 10 - John Korsrud

August 12, 2022

Adrian Verdejo interviews Vancouver composer, producer, and trumpet player John Korsrud. They discuss recent activities with his Hard Rubber Orchestra, including the recently released album "Iguana", which commemorates 30 years since he formed the group. John discusses his musical background as a composer, instrumentalist, and educator and shares some of the more memorable moments with HRO over the years.

Redshift Radio Episode 9 - Glenn Sutherland

Redshift Radio Episode 9 - Glenn Sutherland

July 25, 2022

Adrian interviews Vancouver composer and ecologist Glenn Sutherland. They discuss recent and upcoming events with Vancouver Pro Musica, of which Glenn is President on the board of directors. Glenn discusses his path to being a composer while maintaining a career as an ecologist/researcher in the field of wildlife conservation.

Redshift Radio Episode 8- Colin MacDonald

Redshift Radio Episode 8- Colin MacDonald

June 7, 2022

Adrian interviews Vancouver composer and saxophonist Colin MacDonald. They discuss Colin's activities since the start of the pandemic, his background as a saxophonist and some of his major influences as a composer.

Redshift Radio Episode 7 - Jennifer Butler

Redshift Radio Episode 7 - Jennifer Butler

May 23, 2022

Adrian interviews Vancouver composer Jennifer Butler. They discuss her current projects, her musical background as a flutist transitioning to composition, recent explorations as a music educator,  and she details her upcoming album "One More Way to See".


Redshift Radio Episode 6 - Alfredo Santa Ana

Redshift Radio Episode 6 - Alfredo Santa Ana

April 19, 2022

Adrian speaks with Mexican-Canadian composer Alfredo Santa Ana, they discuss Alfredo's current musical projects, his key influences and the path that lead him to being a composer and guitarist.

Redshift Radio Episode 5- Sarah Jo Kirsch

Redshift Radio Episode 5- Sarah Jo Kirsch

January 17, 2022

On this episode of Redshift Radio, Adrian Verdejo interviews Vancouver-based soprano Sarah Jo Kirsch. 

They discuss Sarah Jo's recent activities and plans since moving to Vancouver, and their musical evolution to becoming a performer of Art Song and contemporary music. They discuss the importance of sharing music which is culturally and socially relevant to the modern world.


An accomplished interpreter of western art music, Sarah Jo Kirsch (she/they) has performed across Canada, in Europe and West Asia as a soloist and collaborator. They have been hailed as " of the finest contemporary dramatic vocalists in Canada today," (Calgary Herald) "...with the ability to get under the skin of everything she sings," (Winnipeg Free Press). Having premiered more than 30 new works for voice, Sarah also curates and produces socio-politically relevant art song experiences of works from the last three centuries.


As a creator, Sarah weaves electroacoustic tapestries inspired by the primally physical nature of resonance. As a pundit, they lecture on the ins and outs of western art music on behalf of cultural and educational institutions and on community, public, and commercial radio. They also keep a small studio of private students from around the world.
Redshift Radio Episode 4 - Frank Horvat

Redshift Radio Episode 4 - Frank Horvat

November 10, 2021

Adrian Verdejo talks with Toronto-based composer and pianist Frank Horvat about his musical upbringing, his introduction to composition at a young age, and recent recordings published since the start of the pandemic. Frank discusses major themes in his work including mental health, and the importance of human connection through music.


Frank Horvat is one of the most inventive songwriters to come out of the contemporary scene in Canada (WholeNote Magazine). This award-winning composer’s music is emotional and intense. As a pianist and multi-genre composer, Frank Horvat has made the tricky musical leap that allows him to pursue a niche of his own (Edmonton Journal). Frank explores a wide array of themes in his music from love to the environment, mental health and social justice issues. Frank gives his audiences time and space to reflect in this fast-paced world. His compositions tell deeply personal stories while permitting audiences to ponder their own.

He has been featured on over a dozen albums on labels including ATMA Classique, Really Records, and Centrediscs. With composition premieres on four continents, his works have been showcased internationally in theatre, feature films, and radio/TV networks including the CBC, CBS, Discovery, HBO, Vice & Bravo. He has performed in a variety of venues and festivals worldwide including the Glenn Gould Studio, Massey Hall, Nuit Blanche, Music and Beyond Festival, Beaches Jazz Festival, NXNE, Gallery 345, NYC’s St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery.

He ignores boundaries and isn’t afraid to mix politics with art (Ludwig van Toronto) as many of his composition projects revolve around social issues. He has been a panelist at the ClassicalNEXT conference speaking on the topic of ‘Artivism’ and featured in UK’s Classical Music Magazine podcast by Chris Gunness.

His environmental projects include the Green Keys Tour, and the social media campaign #music4HRDs and album, For Those Who Died Trying (“the resulting [musical] tributes are poignant” – BBC Music Magazine), that look at the stories of murdered environmental activists. Dozens of string quartets participated in this awareness campaign including: Juilliard, Merel, Mivos, Utrecht, and Zemlinsky Quartets as well as members from orchestras including the London Symphony.

His mental health projects include his Piano Therapy Concerts, and the social media campaign and album recorded at Roy Thomson Hall, Music for Self-Isolation. “It takes a special skill to be able to create a whole atmosphere in a work that is just 2 minutes long. I really liked that,” Suzy Klein, BBC Radio 3. Over 150 soloists from around the world have participated online and on the album. Music for Self-Isolation was CBC In Concert’s Record of the Week in April 2021.

Born in Ottawa, he now lives by the lake in Toronto with his wife/manager. Frank is an Associate Composer at the Canadian Music Centre, a member of the Canadian League of Composers, and the inaugural recipient of the Kathleen McMorrow Music Award for contemporary composition. His work has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, SOCAN Foundation, Toronto Arts Council and FACTOR. Discover Frank’s latest projects at

Redshift Radio Episode 3 - Rodney Sharman

Redshift Radio Episode 3 - Rodney Sharman

May 28, 2021

On this episode, Adrian Verdejo interviews Vancouver-based composer and flutist Rodney Sharman. 

 Rodney discusses his activities since the start of the pandemic, some of his works-in-progress and recently completed pieces. The composer reflects on his early introduction to music, and his course of studies with Murray Adaskin, Morton Feldman, Brian Ferneyhough and more.

Adrian and Rodney reflect on their past collaborations, and how the composer approaches writing for instruments and performers.

We listen to a premiere recording of a new work "Missing You" for alto flute and guitar, as performed by the Mark Takeshi McGregor and Adrian Verdejo. The piece was commissioned by the McGregor-Verdejo Duo with financial assistance from the Canada Council of the Arts.




Redshift Radio Episode 2 - Mark Haney and Angela Schwarzkopf

Redshift Radio Episode 2 - Mark Haney and Angela Schwarzkopf

November 20, 2020

On this episode, Adrian Verdejo interviews double bassist and composer Mark Haney and Juno Award-Winning Harpist Angela Schwarzkopf.


Mark Haney discusses how he started as a bass player, and he discovered his path as a composer. We talk about his early influences, and the creation of his debut album. He discusses his recent projects with the Little Chamber Music series, and gives his thoughts on the state of the arts approaching one year into the pandemic. Mark discusses his ongoing project Omnis Temporalis, and previews his works in progress. 


Music Featured on this podcast

From "Aim for the Roses" by Mark Haney

Jump Day - I'm not Stupid

By the Numbers 2

Speedorama '83


"In D" by Terry Riley performed live at the Mountainview Cemetary in Vancouver


Suicide is Painless by Johnny Mandel 

Performed by Haney for the Isolation Commissions project


From Omnis Temporalis


Friday Fright Night

Uncle George

8:25pm, October 9, 1975

A Funny Dream


Angela discusses her early music studies, and how she discovered the harp. She talks about her recent Juno Award-Winning album "Detach", the composers, collaborators, and her experience at this year's online Juno Awards Ceremony. 


From the album Detach by Angela Schwarzkopf, Harp


Contemplation – by Mark Nerenberg

attach/detach by  Monica Pearce







Redshift Radio Episode 1 - Jordan Nobles, Mark Takeshi McGregor, Dorothea Hayley, Corey Hamm, Nicole Ge Li

Redshift Radio Episode 1 - Jordan Nobles, Mark Takeshi McGregor, Dorothea Hayley, Corey Hamm, Nicole Ge Li

August 28, 2020

On the first episode of the Redshift Radio podcast, Adrian Verdejo introduces himself and the show. He gives us a brief history of his experience with the Redshift Music Society, and his vision for this podcast.

We hear an interview with composer Jordan Nobles and flutist Mark Takeshi McGregor, founders of Redshift. They further discuss its origins, as well as milestone concerts, memorable events, and the development of Redshift Records.

Jordan and Mark discuss their recent activities, including the Unaccompanied online concert series, and future plans amidst the changing landscape of the cultural scene in Canada.

Adrian sits down with soprano Dorothea Hayley, they discuss the various ways in which she has adapted her artistic practice since the pandemic started. We hear her recent performance of Christopher Reiche's Postcard Pieces for the Unaccompanied video series presented by the Canadian Music Centre.

We discuss her performance of John Cage's The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs for the Little Chamber Music Series' Isolation Commissions, and her long fascination with the music of Cage.

Dory discusses her upcoming programming, and the recording project that has been occupying her time recently.

Adrian interviews Nicole Ge Li (Erhu) and Corey Hamm (Piano) they discuss their history as a duo, and writing for this unique instrumental grouping.

They talk about their new album on Redshift Records (PEP Volume Three), we listen to some of their new recordings of works by composers Gao Ping and Somei Satoh, we discuss their future plans, and more!


Featured Compositions on this Episode


Air - Jordan Nobles, Composer 

Mark Takeshi McGregor, 16 Bass Flutes (19:35)

Available on Redshift Records


Grace Period - Jeffery Ryan, Composer

Liam Hockley, Clarinet (49:32)

Available on Redshift Records!


Postcard Pieces - Christopher Reiche, Composer

Dory Hayley, Soprano (1:10:25)

Check out the video!


Hu Yan - Gao Ping, Composer Mvts I-III (1:45:16) Mvt VI(2:23:45)

Birds in Warped Time II - Somei Satoh, Composer (2:07:47)

PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) - Nicole Ge Li (Erhu) and Corey Hamm (Piano)

Download their new album!


Detach - Monice Pearce, Composer

Angela Schwarzkopf, Harp

Download her new album!

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