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Redshift Radio Episode 2 - Mark Haney and Angela Schwarzkopf

November 20, 2020

On this episode, Adrian Verdejo interviews double bassist and composer Mark Haney and Juno Award-Winning Harpist Angela Schwarzkopf.


Mark Haney discusses how he started as a bass player, and he discovered his path as a composer. We talk about his early influences, and the creation of his debut album. He discusses his recent projects with the Little Chamber Music series, and gives his thoughts on the state of the arts approaching one year into the pandemic. Mark discusses his ongoing project Omnis Temporalis, and previews his works in progress. 


Music Featured on this podcast

From "Aim for the Roses" by Mark Haney

Jump Day - I'm not Stupid

By the Numbers 2

Speedorama '83


"In D" by Terry Riley performed live at the Mountainview Cemetary in Vancouver


Suicide is Painless by Johnny Mandel 

Performed by Haney for the Isolation Commissions project


From Omnis Temporalis


Friday Fright Night

Uncle George

8:25pm, October 9, 1975

A Funny Dream


Angela discusses her early music studies, and how she discovered the harp. She talks about her recent Juno Award-Winning album "Detach", the composers, collaborators, and her experience at this year's online Juno Awards Ceremony. 


From the album Detach by Angela Schwarzkopf, Harp


Contemplation – by Mark Nerenberg

attach/detach by  Monica Pearce







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